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High Priestess HetHeru

Kheri Hebt HetHeru RaatMwt is Executive Director of The Bennu Ascension Online Institute and Head Instructor. She is a high priestess of the shrines of NEITH/NT, MWT EM UAA, AMUN/T, RA-SOBEK, SEKHMET, UDJAT, BAST, AST, HETHERU, KHONSU, ATONRA & HERU EM AKHETI. Kheri Hebt HetHeru RaatMwt (aka Priestess HetHeru) teaches the sacred "womb science" and matricentric philosophy of the ancient Nile Valley Civilization to both adults and youth. In particular, her work is geared towards those who are seeking to re-mem-ber their sacred roots by assisting in them in "inner-standing" their ancient spiritual culture as well as the Higher Consciousness (the androgynous consciousness of HERU) that we are being blessed to experience in this "new millennium". Priestess HetHeru also teaches the ancient meditation and healing systems of the Nile Valley Civilization so that one can benefit during this wondrous planetary transformation and achieve greater SELF-awareness. Her work focuses on the prehistoric GODDESS culture and its reverence of the GODDESS and GOD within the spirit of humanity.