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Cheetah Black started her professional career in the entertainment industry as a dancer in the Great Ray Charles Show performing around the United States.

She has traveled extensively while working as a dancer, singer and model in Okinawa, Japan; Malaysia, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Brunei, Indonesia, France and England.

Cheetah also spent many years as a preschool teacher, which she enjoyed immensely and has taught conversational English while living abroad.

She continues to perform as a dancer at college events, weddings and functions, and she also does praise dancing.

Her life-long love for dance has contributed to her continuous training in the art form which she balances with a regime of cross-training in the field of boxing. She believes that the hard work that goes with being athletic such as eating a nutritious diet is of the utmost importance to remaining healthy because it reaps tremendous benefits.

For over twenty-five years, Cheetah and her husband have welcomed numerous children into their home as nurturing Foster Parents. Her expertise in this area is vast and largely first-hand.